Pharmeceutical Cold Chain Container Polyeurethane

From Concept to 1Million + Turnover PM

Origionally implimented to reduse costs  for the shipment of High value pharmaceutical product for the largest distributor of oncology products in SA. The plant was upgraded when the company was bought out and large production volumes were required. All production carosels and moulds were designed , laser cut and manufactured. Instalation included pneumatics , polyeurathane dispensing systems and maintenance areas.
This facility was was the largest producer of Certified Cold Chain Containers by volume in SA.

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Remote monitoring of critical systems. 

Pneumatic PLC interace CCT Design

Automated Picking System Relocation and Commisioning


Factory Layout
Enviromental Chamber
Coldroom Monitor System
Enviromental Chamber


PLC Interface

Protocol Design
Enviromental Chamber
Story Board Process Planning
Packing Protocols Rendering for Application  integration

Layout  Visualization

Pnumatic Line Planning

Automated Picking System Commisioning
and Conveyer Instalation